Monday, March 29, 2010

How to Grow as a Photographer-Tony Luna

WELL...I just had the entire post done and my computer froze and I LOST EVERYTHING I had just starting over :)

I enjoy reading and I must recommend "How to Grow as a Photographer" by Tony Luna. See, this title is a bit misleading because it applies to anyone! If you are in a career slump right now this book will help direct and inspire you to start making changes. Do you love your career but just need to take it in a new direction or are you in the wrong career and trying to figure out how to get to where you want to be? This book will help you piece it together and it's a good read filled with life experience from those who have been in various career fields. I was recently at this turning point....

So in the post that got deleted..I referred to a section in this book where the author asks a young photographer "what would you create with your art if you won the lottery?" The new guy, without hesitation, answers that he would take the money and run. Mr. Luna never asked "what would you do if you won the lottery?" This kid was not serious about photography and that simple question proved it. Before I even read what the answer would be I asked the question to myself. What came to mind was "I would want to open up a studio that offered "whimsical" style portrait sessions for newborns and children.
Photography is a competitive industry and new creative techniques are always being discovered. Most of us have a digital camera and we can purchase and download editing software. This career path is more than just having access to the equipment. I have to remind myself that in this competitive field...WHY do I want to be doing this and WHO am I doing this for. I am doing this because my passion is creating beautiful and memorable art for people. I want to continue on this path and keep learning and growing. I found what I am good at and how I can use this work to connect and make a difference for others. Photography brings happiness to my life.
So if you are at a point in your life  wondering if you are doing what you love...pick up this book. My sister said something to me last time we had visited and I was going through a pretty rough patch. She was feeling bad that I wasn't happy and instead of saying "there, there it will get better" she said "Life is too short to be anything but happy."...Okay , I know she didn't invent that line...but she was completely right and the timing of it was perfect. We all need to hear something to finally make us stop and think.."get over yourself and do something to change your life!"

Here are a few goals I hope to accomplish by the end of this year:
1. Attend a photography workshop out of state
2. upgrade my website to it's own domain
3. get licensed!
4. offer boudoir session ;) ooh la la...
5. do a portrait session "whimsical" themed with kids. Yes, I'm talking fairy wings, princess dresses..etc.. 
6. volunteer my time/work at a non profit organization and offer a portrait session for low income families.

Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day and I convinced the boyfriend to be a model for me...hahah we shall see...

I'm all about music and here is a fav. song of mine by Lady Antebellum. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE THEM.  I know I can be a bit corny...okay a lot corny..but I am just one inspired woman who wants to do good things in this world :)



Oooohhh I so need to get this book! AND we need to attend a workshop together! :)

Laura said...

YES WE DO! If you find out about any let me know so we can look into them! I tried looking around Chicago and I only find ones that are workshops for the day..I want something that is a couple of days!


There is one up in Michigan that is 2 days...but it's $1500. Goodness...I'll keep my eye out! There may be some in Nashville? But Chicago would be fabulous!

Laura said...

I'll keep looking around Chicago area too. There has to be something good! I think there is one around Nashville (I think, or maybe it's knoxville?)haha's called For the Love and YIKES it is expensive but seems so worth it! One day maybe!